The Most Stylish Musicians of the 90s

Manner’s favorite decade is their favorite for many reasons. Here are seven.

#1 – Liam Gallagher


The younger of the Gallagher brothers was one of the key figures of the Britpop movement and, along with his Lennon-inspired vocals, proved to be one of the decade’s most iconic frontmen. From his anoraks and overcoats, to his cocky gorilla-like gait and oversized shades, to his most enduring feature: his hair. His hair alone is probably responsible for launching a thousand bands and millions of copycat hairstyles. While Oasis may be no more (barring a long hoped-for reunion,) the Tao of Liam remains in the Pantheon of legendary lead singers.

#2 – Andre Benjamin

The ‘3000’ represents his number of hats and glasses he owns.

The Grand Peacock of Hip Hop was probably the most obvious choice for this list. Andre 3000 has over and over proven to be not only the most stylish rapper of all time, but also the most ambitious in the style department. Introducing the dapper/preppy look into the rap game with colorful bowties, Sinatra-esque headgear, and vividly colored suits, Benjamin showed rappers that they could be the best-dressed men in the room instead of the ones wearing the baggy jeans, a pair of Tims, and an oversized t-shirts.

#3 – Jarvis Cocker


While his music (with the band, Pulp,) is so quintessentially 90s that it’s a bit dated (though still good,) Jarvis Cocker was one of, if the the, sartorial masters of the decade that gave of so many great hits, both in the studio and on stage. He’s also ages incredibly well, with touches of gray in his beard, his longer locks, and his ever-present trademark specs.

#4 – Beck


Another painfully obvious choice, Beck is essentially proven to be our generation’s David Bowie (may his alien soul rest in peace on the Red Planet,) mixing genres from rock to jazz to funk to garage rock and about six thousand in between. But for us, Mr. Hansen has emulated the Starman stylistically as well. We challenge anyone to find a boring photo of this Loser. Go ahead….we’ll wait.

#5 – Lenny Kravitz

Someone, somewhere is winding up to throw her panties at this photo

Aspiring musicians, take notice: THIS is what Rock n’ Roll looks like, and this is how a rock star walks, nay, struts down the street. While his musicianship is unquestionable (just have a listen to the solo on “Are You Gonna Go My Way,”) his fashion sense proves that, even if we don’t know what the hell he’s thinking, we at least know he’s thinking.

#6- Daft Punk


Yes, we know. Helmets. They wear bloody helmets wherever they go. But though they wear helmets everywhere they go, they are the coolest, most badass helmets anyone has ever seen. We love them so much, we are strongly considering lobbying for the NFL to upgrade all 32 teams’ headgear to resemble them. Who wouldn’t want to see an illuminated Jaguars helmet with a cold, black faceshield with “Go Jags” emblazoned across a digital interface crawl?

#7 – Bono


Say what you want about Mr. “Save the World,” but we sometimes forget that he’s the frontman for one of the most successful and entertaining bands in history. From their uber-political beginnings, to Hall of Fame-sealing efforts The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby, U2 have evolved into unequivocal rock gods, with the above Mr. Hewson at the helm. While his go-to is the black jacket/black shades mod-mixed-with 1950s rebel-look, Bono always knows how to keep his look slick and cool, even as he slides into his sixties.

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