The Seven-Day Kettlebell Challenge


Seven days.  One piece of equipment. Total change.

In the interest of saving boatloads of time and getting the most effective and quickest results from your workout, Manner is proud to bring our readers the Seven Day Kettlebell Challenge.  With just one simple, portable piece of equipment, you’ll build strength, melt fat, and increase your metabolism for up to forty-eight hours after your workout.

The best part of this challenge (aside from the obvious aesthetic improvements,) is that the workouts are measured in reps, not time. In fact, the quicker you finish, the better.

Day #1:  Coal in The Fire

Disclaimer:  Your apple may or may not require use of the metric tape measure.

The obvious start to ANY day, regardless of whether you’re going to set foot in a gym, is to break the fast (hence the term.)  You would not (or could not)  drive your car with little to no fuel, so why in the hell can you expect to get anywhere without food?  Skipping meals, especially breakfast, is one of the most foolish things people do when trying to lose weight and get in shape.  Just as a furnace needs coal to produce heat, food is needed for the exact same reason.

Studies have shown ad nauseum  (do your own research; we’re not writing a term paper here,) that those who begin their day with a solid, healthy breakfast tend to be healthier and lose more weight than those who skip breakfast, thinking the amount of calories forfeited in the morning will translate into losing weight.  What really happens is that, in the short term, their metabolism does not get the kickstart it needs to tackle the day.  Throughout the rest of the day, many people tend to eventually get hungry and gorge on whatever is the most convenient, leading to overeating on junk.

Don’t know where to begin?  Here is a great article from our friends at on healthy, quick ways to start your day.


Stay Tuned for Day Two:  Getting Into the Swing of Things

Before you begin this or any exercise program, consult your physician or health care provider to ensure you’re healthy enough for moderate-to-high intensity workouts.