Dress Like Beckham, Spend Like Fred Sanford


Although Becks is now a spokesmen for clothing retailer H&M, we’re pretending this is not the case, as using his H&M line to get his look on the cheap is cheating, and we’re not into any bushleague writing practices.  We intend to show that you can look like a top-flight, multi-millionaire footballer without having top-flight footballer money.  You may, however, still marry the Spice Girl of your choosing.

The Look:  Casual Night Out With the Guys

beck 2

Take this first outfit; that T-shirt alone probably cost somewhere between $150 and two hundred dollars.  Those distressed designer jeans?  Easily four or five.  The shoes?  Let’s not even TRY to ballpark those.  But don’t worry, good ol’ David isn’t hurting for the money he used to buy this ensemble.  You, on the other hand, can find an almost exact duplicate of this outfit for a fraction of the price.  You just need to know where to look.

The Look:  Evening Event, The Brits’ Way


This outfit we will spare you the trouble of itemizing the cost of each piece of Beckham’s wardrobe.  It’s almost certainly in the several thousands.  What we will focus on is that you can find an almost identical outfit and still have money left over for that all-important drink at the end of the day.  As far as the suit is concerned, we are fortunate to live in an age where designer suits can be obtained for around $200.  Even with the cost of tailoring and a good pair of oxfords, you’d be saving a ton of money, while looking like you did.  Style, in the end, is not about the cost of your clothing, but how it fits and how you wear it.

The Look:  I’m David Beckham, and You’re Not


If we had our choice to have one outfit to strut around in, and if we were to exude a feeling or complete and total bliss and awareness that your life could literally not get any better, this photo would be a front-runner for that feeling.  Our friend David here is dripping with unabashed, unrestrained joy, and looking better than we could ever hope to look in our non-Posh Spice-romancing lives.  In full disclosure, we literally have every item Beckham is wearing in our own closets, but we don’t have Beckham dough.  We have Manner dough, and we’re OK with that, granted we look one-tenth as good as our favorite Midfielder.

The key point we’d like to drive home here, is that while Beckham has stylists, hairdressers, makeup artists, and the GDP of some small countries at his disposal, a little bit of research and some good old-fashioned location scouting can result in you getting noticed by women, a prospective employer, or even make your friends start looking to you as a sartorial genius.  Worst case scenario, you look like this kicking a soccer ball:

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