Chronicle: A Detailed Account of the Outfits We Actually Wear


In the spirit of doing instead of just telling everyone what they should do (or wear,) we thought it would be a great idea to take the photos we share with you and actually wear the outfits in them, and describe how they looked on us, if they had the desired effect, and if we recommend them to others. We’ll begin with the ensemble that one of our editors recently wore to an interview (which, we were told, went VERY well.)


In full disclosure, the gentleman in this outfit went sockless, wearing a fantastic pair of brown Monkstraps. As we had no such shoes in our arsenal at the time, we went with a pair of black patent leather Oxfords, complete with black socks, giving a seamless look from toe to waist.


We completed the Southern Hemisphere with a pair of black slacks, taken from an Asos suit we’ve owned for about two years, and a solid black leather belt.


On top, we opted for the classic white Oxford shirt with a pointed collar, rather than what looks to be a semi-spread collar in the photo, and a black knit tie. Over that, we threw on a light grey blazer from H&M with not one, but TWO pocket squares (one black silk, one white linen,) to give a two-tone look that brings out both shades and also to give texture to the ensemble.


We went with a similar silver-tone wristwatch, worn on the left hand rather than the right (the interviewee is a lefty and an unabashed advocate of Southpaw dominance,) and a black leather portfolio. We’ll keep you posted as to what we go with for the next meeting. Until then, enjoy.

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