Every Day is an Interview: Keeping Up Your Style Game While on the Job Hunt

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   It’s said that integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking (or when you think no one is looking.)  Dressing well and being stylish is no different; you shouldn’t only dress to impress for an interview or a big client meeting.  You should treat every day that you step out of your door as if you’re being based on your appearance, because YOU ARE.


   This isn’t to say that you’d better be sporting a three-piece suit every day or that only superficial appeal is important, but to pretend that what you wear and how you carry yourself isn’t vital to your success is ignorant at best and batshit crazy at worst.  That all being said, here are a few suggestions to guarantee that you’re turning heads outside of the office, even if it’s just sitting at Starbucks, hammering away at your most recent article:


Yes.  This is what this editor went with today.  Crisp.  Clean.  Stylish without being ostentatious.  Classic without being boring.  Just about every man worth his salt owns (or should own) black slacks and a classic white Oxford button-down.  Pair it with a smart pair of shoes and our go-to silver watch and you’ll get noticed everywhere you go.


While we at Manner believe that men need to relax with the khaki pants and stop making it their de facto item for “dressing up” (especially here in the South, where, paired with a polo shirt, passes for business casual,) this combination with a light blue Oxford will never not be a stylish move.  Avoid the mistake of wearing your pants baggy and a shirt that balloons out of your waistline by knowing your sizes, visiting your tailor, and investing in a quality set of shirt stays


More on the casual side, but still maintaining a semblance of professionalism when paired with blue slacks or tailored jeans, this black Henley will definitely get you noticed by the fairer sex looking to steal a look at your forearms and chest.  We’re not crazy about the overstuffed front pockets pictured here, but this outfit is sure you garner a second glance coming and going.  Trust us.

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