Staying Stylish and Upbeat While You’re Broke, Unemployed, and Sweating Four Gallons A Day.



I live in Florida.  Florida, for those unfamiliar, is located on the surface of the sun and has the humidity of an armpit in Vietnam in July under a canvas tent.  I also enjoy dressing well, which doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a suit, but, being the resident of a part of the county where a mild day’s temperature is the lower-90s and it takes a bit more than ten minutes for Swamp Ass to set in makes it a bit impractical to throw on a suit and think for a second that you’re not inviting anything other than instant Swamp Ass into your life.  In addition, since this is the U.S. and the South, wearing a suit (or any ensemble even showing the slightest bit of pride in your appearance,) immediately draws questions/accusations of heading to an interview, serving on a jury, attending a funeral, or, to the slack-jaw dullard crowd, thinking you’re better than them.


But when you’re in between jobs and having to go back to a job in the thankless field of food service while you wait for that elusive call or email inviting you for an interview, it’s difficult to remain positive and keep your eyes on the prize while elbow-deep in food trays.  The simple solution is to remind yourself that it is temporary and that something great is waiting for you any day and that you’ll leave sandwich-making behind.  So how do you maintain your happiness and sanity while on the hunt and  at the same time resist the urge to forego your tendency to dress like a respectable adult man and begin wearing a sweatpant tuxedo?  Seriously.  I’m asking.

Up, up, down, down, eat, sleep, depression

I’m doing so by writing and putting together galleries of killer outfits, therefore getting all of the pent up self-doubt, frustration, impatience, self-loathing, and boredom out of my head and (hopefully) putting it to good use.  We’ll see how it goes…I plan on giving this experience the journal treatment, updating as I go, as often as my time allows.  If this is the last of this post, then that’s a sign that things have gotten WAY better.


Editor’s Note:  There is NOTHING wrong with playing Contra for the original Nintendo console.  Just not for twelve hours a day.