A Polo Shirt Won’t Cut It: Why We Get “Business Casual” So Wrong

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Countless times, we’ve all attended business meetings, networking events, or other professional gatherings that call for “business casual” attire, and at one time or another, we’ve wondered what the hell they mean by that.

Now to be clear:  We’re not saying that you should NEVER wear a Polo shirt or that you’re an automatic douche if you do, but that you should think beyond making the Polo your knee-jerk outfit choice when you see the dreaded, aforementioned dress code on an invite.  The key is to remember that, just because Summers in Florida last ten months,  doesn’t mean you have to continue dressing like a frat guy.

Here are a few sources for inspiration you can use for your next cocktail party or professional mixer this Summer that’ll keep you cool temperature-wise and make you stand out from the crowd.


MannerJax is dedicated to helping men dress, live, and act better, and our editors look forward to seeing you all dressed better at the next networking event, sans Polo.


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