14 Looks To Help Your Transition Into Fall Style

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 It’s September, and in Florida, it’s still Hurricane Season.  That also means that Fall is coming soon, or as we call it here, “Diet Summer*,” where the mercury plunges to the upper-60s at night.  And here I am without my parka.


But for those of us who care about our appearance (that’s all of you, right?) this is the time where we start to back off of our laid-back Summer gear and look ahead to the days where we pull our sweaters out of storage and the coats out of our attics and brush off the cobwebs to throw onto our backs for that trek from our front door to our car, and our car to our offices.  It’s easy to dress for just Summer and jut Fall.  The hard part is the transition; like the in-between stages of your haircut.  Here are some looks you can use for that awkward phase while still looking your best.

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