RIP Brangelina: Mourning The End Of The World’s Most Stylish Couple

The best bra is one you never think about.

While we at Manner refuse to comment on the why that lead to the demise of the relationship, we must admit that we are all taken aback by the news that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from the most handsome man of all time and the most interesting character in True Romance.  If there was any couple who would have become our generation’s version of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, we would’ve put our Rubles on the Pitt-Jolies (we of course now place all of our money on The Clooneys and all of their aesthetic perfection.)

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Regardless of any personal feelings on the pair, one must objectively concede that there was no other couple on the planet that was more pleasing to the eyes, or that dressed better, period.  Yes, it may be a bit easier to dress well when your personal wealth approaches the gross domestic product of a tiny island nation, but one not need be a quasi-billionaire to dress well and take pride in your appearance.

So while we bid farewell to the world’s most wealthy and sartorially-gifted baby adopters, we look back fondly at their respective style histories, and can’t help thinking that the sum of their individual parts inevitably became too much for the world to bear, much like Icarus flying too close to the sun, only to have his wings melt.  We always knew that there was too much concentrated beautiful and talent in just one couple, and maybe we fooled ourselves into thinking that it would last forever.  Maybe we knew it wouldn’t last forever, and that we wanted to kid ourselves as long as we could so that we could continue stealing their looks (full disclosure:  that last one is ours.)


So take the next few days to reflect on the past twelve years and what the next twelve years will bring us in terms of a single, 60-something Brad Pitt, taking his kids to visit colleges and a beautifully-graying, 50-something Angelina Jolie, helping her daughter get ready for prom and the two of them hosting what we can only imagine are unbelievably ornate and separate Thanksgiving celebrations.  We may never fully recover from this cataclysmic shift in Hollywood’s tectonic relationship plates, but hopefully we can looks back at these photos and smile.

And then steal all of their looks. Publisher Exclusive Offer, valid until end of the month, cannot be combined with any other offer


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