Ode To The Pea Coat: The Greatest Piece of Outerwear Ever Invented

Whether you’re a Navy man on shore leave, or looking for something to keep you warm in any outfit, there is no greater piece of clothing than the pea coat.  Whether it’s thrown over jeans and a shirt, paired with a sweater, or complimenting a nice suit, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better or more stylish way to keep warm over the coming months.

This Tom’s Ware Men’s Wool Blend Double Breasted Pea Coat is the perfect, classic staple for your closet this Winter, and is a STEAL at $59.99 on Amazon.


If you’re looking for more of a trench look, look no further than this Doublju half-trench shown below, also on sale at Amazon for under $30!  

Regardless of where you but your coat, the important thing is that you’re wearing one.  That old Members Only jacket or your high school letterman jacket just makes your look like an idiot.


The real reason for our writing this is that, never has there been a time where we’ve put on a pea coat and not felt simultaneously like James Bond, Liam Gallagher and all of The Beatles. We KNEW that stylistically, we were the best dressed men in the room.  We also received no fewer than 4,762 compliments from both men and women.  So, trust us when we say that not only is the pea coat something to have this year, only to be replaced in 2017, but a staple that’ll be your go-to for years to come.



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