How To Dress For A Florida “Winter” Beyond “All-Black, Everything”

To our knowledge, this is the first article headline which we’ve lifted from HOVA himself, Shawn Carter. That being said, it most likely won’t be our last.

The weather is starting to (slowly, here in Florida,) get a bit cooler and that means that we’re pulling our sweaters and scarves out of storage. A lot of us have the urge to go the monochromatic route and resort to either an all-black pallette or a mix of gray hues for our Fall and Winter wardrobes. WE MUST RESIST THIS URGE!


Sure, it’s fine to go dark a few days here and there, but doing so every day is lazy and inexcusable. Not only are you allowed to continue to wear color, even as the mercury drops, but you are expected to, at least by the women in your life. The problem is that, here in the Sunshine State, we can’t exactly wear the heaviest of winter clothing since our winters average in the upper fifties (not exactly Antarctica.)

We’ve spent most of our lives living in the Southeast, and one must be creative and employ our improv skills when it comes to staying stylish in the “colder” months. It’s hard to layer our clothing, lest we get overheated, but we know that we look damn good in a sweater with a collared shirt. It’s a fucking tightrope, gents.

Being hard-pressed to find photos of outfits online that won’t give us instant flop sweat, we’ve decided to scour the web for the most stylish looks for us men in the warmer parts of the country (wherever your country may be.) Here are some looks we’ve actually tried out during the later months of the year to much acclaim and comfort.

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