How To Mix Pants & Jackets The RIGHT Way

The old paradigm of never mixing a pair of suit pants with the jacket of another suit is dead and buried.  The only exception to this is when some guys still think that all black clothing is the same shade of black and tries to pair them together.  Allow this to be an intervention, wake-up call, or the hint of the century (for you R.E.M. fans out there,) who think A) they match (they don’t,) and that we don’t notice that your jacket and pants are just slightly…off (we do.)

But we have some good news for you would-be mixers:  You CAN wear pants and a jacket that…wait for it…don’t match.  In fact, it’s kind of a thing that’s been around a while and everyone else (us included) is starting to catch on.  Let’s face it…we LOVE to wear suits.  There’s nothing a man can wear that gets his instant respect, attention, and class when done correctly.  But sometimes, you wanna change things up without looking TOO bizarre and like you’re screaming for attention.  So take some cues from the gallery below and try some of these looks out.  See which ones work, which ones don’t, and which ones you should leave to the Europeans.

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